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11 – Comparison: Sertorius and Eumenes

11 – Comparison: Sertorius and Eumenes Episode Transcript

In the Parallel Lives, the philosopher Plutarch pairs individual Greeks and Romans with each other, comparing their lives. In the last few episodes of The Cost of Glory we’ve shared Plutarch’s stories about the lives of Eumenes of Kardia and Sertorius of Rome, pulling out key lessons for modern leaders. 
In this comparison episode, we’re joined by guest narrator Stephen Blackwell, President of Ralston College, Savannah, Georgia.

Plutarch offers his own thoughts on the lives of Eumenes and Sertorius.

We offer ours on their respective legacies. 

Both Eumenes and Sertorius lived similar lives, with similar fortunes, and competed using similar qualities. They both possessed great innate talent, and a tremendous dedication to hard work and perfecting their skills. They were also motivated by powerful ambition, but were both ultimately betrayed by people on their own team.
#1:  If you’re a leader, you need to do everything you can to read the character and disposition of your immediate reports. Are they following you willingly? Or are they likely to jump ship when something better comes along? Take measures to learn the character of your subordinates. 
#2:  For your legacy: Leave behind living people who admire and respect you. People for whom you gave everything you had, to help and defend their rights, to promote their flourishing in the world, even at the highest cost. They’re the ones who will ensure your good work lives on. 
On today’s podcast:
  • Plutarch’s comparison of Sertorius and Eumenes
  • Julius Caesar and the legacy of Sertorius
  • The importance of having favorable storytellers:  Hieronymus and Sallust
  • Is loyalty a virtue?
  • The importance of being faithful
  • Channel your ambition into a cause and principle