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27 – Marius 3: The Ruin of Cities

27 – Marius 3: The Ruin of Cities Episode Transcript

This is the story of how Gaius Marius went from being the Greatest Man in Rome to Public Enemy #1.
But Marius, usually master of the political narrative, ended up having his story written by his political rivals.  What was the true character of this surprisingly elusive figure?
What is worth imitating? What is worth avoiding?  
Before fully answering these questions, we must understand the details of his story, one of the most dramatic and memorable sequences in all of Plutarch’s lives.
On today’s podcast:
  • One way to respond when you’re being undermined
  • The problem with putting off legitimate political complaints 
  • Marius, Drusus, and the beginning of the Social War 
  • Sulla, Marius, and the beginning of the Civil War 
  • Marius’ harrowing escape
  • The prophecy about Marius’ 7 consulships
  • The Bloody Return of Marius