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55 – Xenophon, Anabasis III

55 – Xenophon, Anabasis III Episode Transcript

Xenophon’s Anabasis Book 3 – The best highlights, the Power Highlights. For Power Listeners.

In this Episode:
-The power of public speaking
-What Socrates told Xenophon before he left
-Xenophon’s inner monologue in GREEK
-Motivating your managers
-Finding resources you didn’t know you had
-Lost cities of Mesopotamia
-Goat and donkey balloons
-The Original Kurds?

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David Allen, Getting Things Done

Jocko’s Extreme Ownership:

Landmark Xenophon’s Anabasis

Old Penguin Anabasis:

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Key Characters
Proxenus (+)
Some Hater from Boeotia
A Rhodian Balloon smith
The Carduchians

Nineveh (Mosul)
Tigris River