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7 – Eumenes 1: The King’s Secretary

7 – Eumenes 1: The King’s Secretary Episode Transcript

As the Royal Secretary to Alexander the Great, Eumenes of Kardia had a front row seat to Alexander bringing his impossible dream crashing into the real world. 
As a young man, Eumenes couldn’t possibly have known that the Mediterranean world he lived in was on the cusp of the most dramatic political and cultural shift in its recorded history, up to that point. And that he would be at the very center of the administrative and military machine that brought that change about. 
But just when Eumenes was on top of this new world order he had helped forge, Alexander died. And things suddenly looked like they were starting to unravel. When this happened, Eumenes was determined to keep it all together, because he was one of the only people who could.
Not many people can expertly pivot their position so smoothly, but in the aftermath of Alexander’s unexpected death, Eumenes adroitly converted his position and influence into political power. 
In this first part of The Life of Eumenes of Kardia, we learn why King Philip of Macedonia initially hired Eumenes as his secretary, how Eumenes grew close to Alexander, why Eumenes got on Olympias’ good side, and on Antipater’s wrong side, the expeditions Eumenes accompanied Alexander on, why the expedition into the Punjab region transformed Eumenes from administrator to taking charge of an elite division of cavalry, Eumenes’ role in settling the succession of Alexander at the Partition of Babylon, and finally why Perdiccas sent Eumenes to Cappadocia.
From the outset, Eumenes displayed the traits of a great leader – his ability to be an effective follower of the right cause, and a loyal servant to the decision makers in the situation he found himself in. He was able to slow his mind down and comprehend the situation as a whole, and find where the real potential for action was, the real leverage points. But more importantly, Eumenes performed all his roles, no matter how minor, with excellence, because he saw in them the clear potential for much greater roles.
So, if like Eumenes, you’re looking for a way to sharpen your present self, download and listen to this latest episode. 
On today’s podcast:
  • How to excel in the service of charismatic leaders
  • That some accountants can wrestle
  • Philip II of Macedon’s conquest of Greece, and subsequent Murder
  • The importance of being trustworthy
  • Alexander’s conquest of Asia and beyond
  • How to build up creds and respect as an outsider
  • Eumenes’ role in the Partition of Babylon – The post- Alexander settlement