cost of glory

74 – Crassus Aftermath, Takeaways, Sources

74 – Crassus Aftermath, Takeaways, Sources Episode Transcript

What happened to Crassus’ captured soldiers?  To his family?  What can we learn from his successes and his world-historic failure? 

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Buy the books:

Penguin edition of Plutarch including Life of Crassus
-Sallust’s war with Catiline
-Tom Holland’s Rubicon
-Barry Strauss’ book on Spartacus
-Edward Watts’s Mortal Republic
-Gareth Sampson, “The Defeat of Rome” on Parthian Expedition
-Peter Stothard, The First Tycoon 

See also Gruen, Last Generation of the Roman Republic; Ward, Crassus and the Late Roman Republic; Rawson, Crassorum Funera (in journal Latomus).

Pictured: Roman Soldier next to a Han noble, statue group in Liqian, China.  Photo: Natalie Behring