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83 – Pompey I: Kid Butcher

83 – Pompey I: Kid Butcher

83 – Pompey I: Kid Butcher

Episode Length: 83:27

83 – Pompey I: Kid Butcher Episode Transcript

Pompey, the Great.  Part 1 of 3.  Pompey’s rise to become one of Rome’s greatest generals – before he’s even old enough to hold office.  How he got the nickname of “Kid Butcher” or “The Butcher Boy”.

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Key Names: 
Agesilaus of Sparta 
Julius Caesar 
Alexander the Great 
Pompeius STRABO (father) 
Social War 
Gaius MARIUS (populist consul) 
Lucius Cornelius CINNA (populist consul) 
Lucius Cornelius SULLA (optimate consul & dictator) 
MITHRIDATES – King of Pontus 
Gnaeus Papirius CARBO (populist consul)  
Antistia (first wife) 
Marcus Licinius CRASSUS 
Marcus Aemilus LEPIDUS (rebel consul) 
Marcus Junius BRUTUS (Father of the conspirator) 
Quintus Lutatius CATULUS (optimate stalwart) 
Quintus Sertorius
Quintus Caecilus METELLUS PIUS (P’s fellow general in Spain)
Marcus PERPERNA (populist ally of Sertorius)
Marcus Terentius VARRO (the scholar)
Lucius Licinius LUCULLUS (rival general)
Quintus HORTENSIUS Hortalus (optimate stalwart) 
Aulus GABINIUS (P’s tribune buddy)
The Pirates
“Quirites” (the Roman citizenry) 

Key Places: 
North Africa
Sucro River
Ostia (Rome’s port)

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