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89 – A Manual for Greatness — with Johnny Burtka

89 – A Manual for Greatness — with Johnny Burtka Episode Transcript

An interview with Johnny Burtka, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. He is a graduate of Hillsdale College, and his most recent book is titled Gateway to Statesmanship—Selections from Xenophon to Churchill.
In this episode:
  • The Mirrors for Princes tradition
  • Obstacles as a Ladder to Greatness
  • The Potency of Xenophon’s ‘Education of Cyrus’
  • The Leadership Qualities of Cyrus
  • The Complex Enduring Power of Cicero’s ‘On Duties’
  • Cultivating Greatness of Soul and the Magnitudo Animi of Churchill
  • Machiavelli as Practitioner, not Political Philosopher
  • Where should an 18-year old dedicate himself to?
  • Washington’s Farewell Address as a Beautiful Political Text
Books Mentioned:
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